3F 17, Seoulsup 6-gil,
Seongdong-gu, Seoul

+82 2-463-7792


Date (2021.03)

Category (Awards)

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Kitsch Cow Butcher Shop


Kitsch Cow Butcher Shop

Kitsch Cow is a butcher shop where customers can enjoy a luxurious interior and artworks, providing them with the ultimate experience. Kitsch Cow wanted to appeal to the senses rather than present a bold and robust butcher shop image. The use of baby angels who hold the meat or wine expresses customers' premium brand experience and the joy of fine dining and exclusive cuisines. It combines colors inspired by the Kremlin Palace and St. Basil's Cathedral in Russia to impart an artistic touch to distinguish Kitsch Cow from traditional butcher shops. Besides, Kitsch Cow butcher shop is committed to the environmental movement by using eco-friendly and recyclable materials for various applications.